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  • How are YHKCare products being developed?
    Stage 1: Vision & Conceptualization Objective Definition: We begin by defining the objectives of our product, focusing on addressing the specific needs of sensitive and atopic-prone skin. Research & Development: Our team conducts extensive research to identify the most effective Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and cutting-edge biotech ingredients that align with our safety and efficacy standards. Stage 2: Ingredient Selection & Formulation Ingredient Curation: We meticulously select ingredients based on rigorous research, ensuring they are both safe and potent for sensitive skin conditions. Formulation Development: Our skilled formulators then blend these ingredients to create a preliminary formulation, undergoing multiple iterations until the optimal balance is achieved. Stage 3: Rigorous Testing & Validation Formulation Refinement: Each formulation undergoes a series of tests, including stability, efficacy, and safety assessments, to ensure it meets our high standards. Dermatological Evaluation: Comprehensive derma tests are conducted to confirm the product's gentleness and compatibility with sensitive skin. Stage 4: Ingredient Sourcing & Quality Assurance Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize sustainable and ethical sourcing of ingredients, ensuring their origin meets our quality and environmental standards. Vendor Assessment: Potential suppliers are thoroughly vetted based on their ability to provide the highest quality materials consistently. Stage 5: Partnering with Manufacturing Excellence Factory Selection: We partner with reputable manufacturers that excels in quality control, possesses the necessary experience, and adheres to stringent compliance and regulatory frameworks. Production Supervision: Our team oversees the production process to guarantee the integrity of our formulation and the adherence to our high-quality standards. Stage 6: Independent Quality Control Third-Party Testing: Post-production, our products are subjected to independent laboratory testing to validate their quality, safety, and efficacy. Final Approval: Only products that pass these rigorous tests receive our seal of approval for market release. Stage 7: Market Introduction & Ongoing Commitment Launch & Distribution: Once approved, our products are introduced to the market, backed by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Continuous Improvement: We remain dedicated to ongoing research and development, continuously improving our products based on customer feedback and scientific advancements. This systematic approach underscores our dedication to delivering superior skincare solutions that are safe, effective, and tailored to the unique needs of sensitive and atopic-prone skin. By adhering to these rigorous standards, YHKCare ensures that every product embodies our commitment to your well-being and satisfaction.
  • What skin types are your products suitable for?
    Our products are suitable for sensitive, dry, and atopic-prone skin.
  • Are YHKCare products all dermatologically tested?
    Most of our products are dermatologically tested with Sensitive skin by German Dermatest. Look for the Dermatest seal!
  • Can G6PD person use the product?
    This product does not contain broad beans, soy products, stink pill or camphor. It is safe for use by people with G6PD. However, if the user has an allergic reaction to a certain type of plant, substance or article, it is recommended to consult a family doctor before use. If anyone feels unwell after use, stop using and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Is MSDS same as dermatological test?
    No, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and dermatological testing are not the same, although both play important roles in the safety assessment of cosmetic products. MSDS (now referred to as SDS - Safety Data Sheet under the GHS - Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals): An SDS is a document that provides detailed information about the hazards, composition, safe handling, storage, and emergency control measures of a chemical substance or mixture. It is primarily used by workers who handle chemicals to understand the risks associated with the substances and to know how to work safely with them. SDSs are required for substances that are classified as hazardous according to specific criteria. Dermatological Testing: Dermatological testing, on the other hand, refers to the evaluation of a product's safety and compatibility with human skin. This type of testing can include patch tests, irritation tests, allergy tests, and phototoxicity tests, among others. The goal of dermatological testing is to ensure that a product does not cause adverse reactions or irritations when applied to the skin. Such tests are often conducted by dermatologists or qualified laboratories and may involve human volunteers or in vitro methods. In summary, while an SDS provides safety information about the chemical components of a product, dermatological testing assesses the product's safety and suitability for use on human skin. Both are crucial for ensuring the overall safety and regulatory compliance of cosmetic products.
  • Where can we purchase your products?
    YHKCare is exclusively available online at the moment (YHKCare official website, HKTVmall, DrGo healthstore, JD Global store, YOHO). Visit us anytime!
  • Why, despite being a Hong Kong-based brand, is the production not conducted in Hong Kong?
    Hong Kong brands often refrain from local production due to the high operational costs and restricted space in the region. In response, we choose to partner with professional manufacturers in mainland China and Taiwan, taking full advantage of their economies of scale and cost benefits in production. Our Hong Kong-based R&D team collaborates with specialists from China and Taiwan to ensure that our products are not only innovative but also of high quality. Our focus is on allocating costs towards premium ingredients and R&D rather than the choice of production site, allowing customers to enjoy higher-quality products at reasonable prices. By adopting this approach, we are able to manage costs effectively while upholding stringent product standards, guaranteeing the optimal experience for users. We are dedicated to ensuring that every dollar spent goes directly towards value, enabling customers to feel they receive exceptional value for money when using our meticulously crafted premium products.
  • Some products are made in China while some others are manufactured in Taiwan, any different?
    YHKCare's skincare products are derived from globally curated ingredients, meticulously developed and tested. Whether produced in Taiwan or China, our quality remains consistent. Both factories adhere to GMP and ISO international standards, ensuring every production step meets the highest level of excellence. We leverage the advantages of both locations to optimize costs, all to offer you the best value choice. YHKCare, where quality accompanies you, making each skincare moment a delight.
  • Can we get a return or refund if we are not happy with the product?
    Certainly, at our company, customer satisfaction stands at the forefront of our priorities. Should you find yourself unsatisfied with one of our products for any reason, we kindly invite you to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Our policy is designed to ensure your peace of mind, offering a clear and straightforward process for returns and refunds. We are committed to addressing your concerns promptly and professionally, aiming to resolve the situation in a manner that upholds your best interests. Your happiness with our products is not only our goal but also our responsibility, and we stand ready to assist you in achieving a satisfactory outcome.
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