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Father's love

The Story of Us

"Care for Sensitive skin health.”

With love as our guiding principle, we meticulously select natural ingredients, prioritizing their skin-loving properties. When necessary, we incorporate safe, non-natural ingredients to enhance their efficacy. Our products are a testament to our commitment to safety and effectiveness, offering our loved ones the purest and most nourishing skincare experience. We strive to empower them to embrace their natural beauty with confidence and joy.

Our story

A Father's Love, a Child's Journey

In a bustling city, a father's love for his allergy-prone child sparked a transformative journey. Seeking solace from the limitations imposed by modern chemicals, he partnered with a cosmeceutical expert to explore the wonders of nature. Together, they meticulously crafted formulas using natural ingredients, prioritizing safety and efficacy. Their unwavering commitment to reducing adverse reactions empowers individuals with allergies to embrace life's possibilities, unlocking a world of comfort and confidence. 

Our commitment

YHKCare is committed to taking care of sensitive and atopic-prone skin. We develop the most supportive formulas for sensitive or atopic-prone skin by researching and developing formulas with various Chinese herbs and biotech ingredients. We perform rigorous lab tests to determine the formulas that offer the highest level of performance. We also ensure our formulas do not include any potential irritants, such as alcohol, artificial fragrance, SLS, parabens, etc. – we only produce clean, toxin-free products. 

"My journey as a parent of a child with allergies inspired me to create YHKCare, a brand dedicated to offering the same level of care and quality that I would want for my own child."

– Luke, founder of YHKCare

YHKCARE development
Our research lab


At YHKCare, we blend the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine with cutting-edge science to create cosmeceuticals—your bridge to beautiful, balanced skin. Our sensitive skincare solutions, infused with time-honored herbal extracts, promise not just charm but clinically proven benefits. Every formula is a harmonious journey towards healthier, radiant skin, crafted with love for your unique needs. Let us help you glow from within, where true beauty begins.

Backed With Dermatological Science
Made For Sensitive Skin

At YHKCare, we are deeply committed to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of every product we create. We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality products that meet the most stringent international standards.

Our unwavering commitment to product safety is reflected in our adherence to the following principles:

GMP/ISO Certified Production Environment: We maintain a production environment that adheres to the highest international hygiene standards, ensuring that every product is manufactured in a safe and controlled setting.

Dermatologically Tested and Researched: All our products are developed based on extensive dermatological research and testing. We collaborate with leading dermatological institutes and testing laboratories to ensure that our products are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Ingredient Safety Evaluation: We prioritize the use of safe and effective ingredients, and all our ingredients are evaluated by major cosmetic ingredient safety organizations such as EWG, SkinSAFE, and The Good Face Project. This ensures that our products meet international cosmetics regulations and are free from harmful chemicals.

Extra Mile for Safety: We go the extra mile to ensure that our products are safe and reliable. We conduct rigorous testing and quality control measures to guarantee that our products do not cause any irritation or adverse reactions.

At YHKCare, we believe that product safety is paramount. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are using products that are both safe and effective. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety in everything we do.


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