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About us

The Story of Us

"Care for Sensitive skin health.”

We carefully select our ingredients from natural sources, combining them with modern biotechnology.

We prioritize natural ingredients, with skin-safe non-natural ingredients as the second choice. Our goal is to develop safe and effective products for our loved ones so they can enjoy healthy, soft skin.

Offer your loved one the best skincare products.

Our story

The beginning of a journey

It began with a child with allergies - In this prosperous modern city, a child with allergies has an adverse reaction to many modern chemicals or foods, which creates a lot of limitations to their daily life. A father of an allergic child named Luke can't bear to see his own child suffer from these limitations, he went to a friend who has rich experiences in the production of Cosmeceuticals, and he began to study and research into different Chinese and Western plants and chemicals. Among the countless resources, we carefully select and formulate formulas that are most suitable for people with allergies to reduce their adverse reactions.

Our commitment

YHKCare is committed to taking care of sensitive and atopic-prone skin. We develop the most supportive formulas for sensitive or atopic-prone skin by researching and developing formulas with various Chinese herbs and biotech ingredients. We perform rigorous lab tests to determine the formulas that offer the highest level of performance. We also ensure our formulas do not include any potential irritants, such as alcohol, artificial fragrance, SLS, parabens, etc. – we only produce clean, toxin-free products. 

"YHKCare is founded as a commitment to give the best for my child."

– Luke, founder of YHKCare

YHKCARE development
Our research lab


Cosmeceuticals are products between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Active ingredients in cosmeceuticals are expected to be clinically proven to deliver a biological benefit to the skin. At YHKCare, we formulate our products with Traditional Chinese Medicine extracts to create scientifically proven beneficial formulas for Sensitive skincare.

Backed With Dermatological Science
Made For Sensitive Skin

YHKCare is committed to ensuring that the production environment for each product meets international hygiene standards (GMP/ISO), prioritising product safety and effectiveness.

All our products are developed based on extensive dermatological research. Major cosmetic ingredient safety organisations (EWG, SkinSAFE, The Good Face Project, etc.) evaluate the ingredients we use to ensure they are safe and meet international cosmetics regulations. We partner with internationally recognized testing laboratories and dermatological institutes to ensure all our products are both safe and effective before entering the market.

YHKCare is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that our hypoallergenic skincare products are safe, reliable, and do not cause any irritation to sensitive skin.


Working Group



(International test lab)


Products Inc


Dermatest GmbH

(Germany dermatological institute)

Good face project

The Good Face
​Project Inc


Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre

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