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  • What skin types are your products suitable for?
    Our products are suitable for sensitive, dry, and atopic-prone skin.
  • Can G6PD person use the product?
    This product does not contain broad beans, soy products, stink pill or camphor. It is safe for use by people with G6PD. However, if the user has an allergic reaction to a certain type of plant, substance or article, it is recommended to consult a family doctor before use. If anyone feels unwell after use, stop using and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Where can we purchase your products?
    YHKCare is exclusively available online at the moment (YHKCare official website, HKTVmall, DrGo healthstore, JD Global store, YOHO). Visit us anytime!
  • Are YHKCare products all dermatologically tested?
    Most of our products are dermatologically tested with Sensitive skin by German Dermatest. Look for the Dermatest seal!
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