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Soothing cream tests

Soothing Moisturising Cream
Laboratories Tests

To ensure the safety of our formulas, they undergo a series of laboratory tests and we make sure all tests are passed before marketing. Intertek laboratory tests include toxic element analysis as well as examining the content of glucocorticoids, phthalates, and preservatives, the efficacy of antimicrobial preservation, microbial enumeration tests, and finally, packaging toxic elements analysis for the packaging. The product also undergoes a skin patch test with around 30 volunteers, ensuring that it will not cause irritation on the skin. After that, the product is also reviewed by a certified toxicologist to confirm the product is safe and unlikely, to cause an allergy.

Dermatest Dermatological test YHKCARE

Dermatest GmbH (德國皮膚病學研究所)

The Original Dermatest® seal of approval 

Dermatological test on Sensitive skin: Neroli, Myrothamnus Flabellifolius and Flaxseed soothing moisturising cream


German Dermatest® protects your skin. Not only recently, but since 1978. As an independent dermatology institute, Dermatest® guarantees you the maximum possible safety for your skin. Comprehensive and properly structured testing along with scientifically sound research, make cosmetic products and consumer goods safe for you to use and make their efficacy measurable.

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